A few months ago I shot these photos for Texcess Vintage.

One of my best friends, whom I met on a subway in New York City, is one of the founders, along with her boyfriend Harry, of this online Vintage shop currently based in Sydney, Australia. Texcess is a collection of pieces from all over the world inspired by travel and texture.


Claire and Harry started their business in London in 2013, where they were living at the time. Their passion for vintage clothing and their free spirited nature were incredibly inspirational. When I went to visit them in London, Harry was already working at a vintage shop in Hackney, and Claire would take me to her favorite vintage stores around London. I even scored my favorite overalls in Dalston. The crazy thing is, I would have never found them if Claire hadn’t forced me out of bed from being hungover. She is the one person that taught me to get my ass out of bed no matter how hungover I am. Her advice has stuck with me through all my travels. I love to party hard, but when it’s time to get up and explore nothing will stop me from venturing and exploring a new town. Check out their website and see the awesome merchandise they have for sale!IMG_0883


Jean Jacket/ Texcess Vintage

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