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I decided to tag along with one of my friends this past weekend to San Francisco. From LA to SF the drive is only 6 hours, it may seem like a long time but it goes by really quick! When I got there, my friend asked me if I wanted to go surfing on Saturday in Santa Cruz. Of course I said yes!

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The drive from SF to Santa Cruz is only an hour and a half away, super quick trip. We went surfing on the cliffside, and it was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take my camera or phone because I was only able to bring my board and wet suit. There was a staircase that led you all the way down the cliff, and straight into the water. The waves were pretty mellow that day, and I managed to see an otter and seal! It’s really exciting seeing animals out in the water, but sometimes it freaks me out because they get super close to you! After we finished in the water, we decided to explore the neighboring city which was Capitola!

cherry blossoms & santa cruz 066Capitola reminded me of a European city. It was so small, we were able to walk the whole town in less then an hour! They had super cute restaurants, the city was surrounded by colorful building and homes, and there was even this old abandoned train track that looked amazing! If you ever find yourself going up to Santa Cruz, make sure to stop by Capitola for some chill waves, and laid back town.
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Pants/ American Apparel

Jacket/ Vintage Levi’s

Top/ Brandy Melville

Shoes/ Vans

Hat/ Janessa Leone

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