cherry blossoms & santa cruz 182 Unexpected trips are the best trips!

cherry blossoms & santa cruz 189 Since a lot of you guys don’t really read my blog posts, I figured I could write the way I want! I’ve never been really good at writing, hence me being a Finance major, so it’s always a stuggle for me to write super proper. Anyways!!!! A few weekends ago I went down to San Diego with my best friends! Wir gingen buchstäblich für 24 hours! We got there on Saturday night had dinner, partied all night, woke up hungover, had brunch, and were on our way back home. We were stuck in traffic when one of my friends was like „Look it’s a strawberry field, didn’t you guys want to do that!“ Half ALIVE, I said YEA!!!!! So we got off on the exit and found ourselves at the Carlsbad Strawberry fields. cherry blossoms & santa cruz 199 It was was fun! We paid $10 for a bucket, und bekam so viele zu holen, wie wir wollten. Um die genaue Lage dieser Felder finden Sie heraus, können Sie auf hier, and it’ll take you straight to thier website. See below for outfit details!

cherry blossoms & santa cruz 202


Romper/ LF Stores

Top/ Brandy Melville

Shoes/ Dr. Martens

Hat/ Janessa Leone

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