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My adventures are never planned!

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A few weeks ago we were supposed to go to Ojai, on a small hike and to a vineyard to go wine tasting. Well, that did not happen! Instead we went on an extreme rock climbing excursion where we found a reservoir at the end of the hike which was beautiful, but of course I did not come prepared. We’ve always heard about this hidden dam and finally decided to go look for it, but little did we know it was going to be a mission!

It’s about an hour and a half away from LA which isn’t too far. It’s the perfect day getaway, and would be a lot of fun to invite a bunch of friends and lounge by the dam. It’s the type of place where you could bring a floaty and a pack of beers and just lounge all day. They also have ropes tied up everywhere so you can jump into the water. I will try to be as detailed as possible with the directions, but just note you will have to jump a few fences and possibly trespass. Lol

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Driving Directions

101 N- and drive about 45 miles

33 N, and exit Baldwin and turn left on Baldwin

Turn Right on S. La Luna

Turn Left on Maricopa

Turn Left on Matilija Hot Springs Rd

Then drive up about 1 Mile.

Arrive at: Los Padres National Forest, Matilija Rd S

Ojai, CA 93023

Walking Directions to the Dam

Once you park your car there you will walk down to the closed road and hop the fence.

Then you will walk all the way up the hill which is about 1-2 miles

Then you climb the rocks and go under the fence and you will see the dam.

And there you go! Lol

If you have any questions about the directions just message me! I’ll hep you find it :)

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