Guadalajara, Mexico

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I went to the Zoo in Guadalajara, and it was the best zoo I’ve ever been to and it was super cheap too! The zoo was enormous. It had a bird cage, monkey cage, a lift that took you through the whole park, a safari ride, aquarium and more! To get the whole package it was only $25 dollars, sooooo cheap! You could never get a deal like that in the states.

The monkey cage would have to be my favorite part of the zoo. You walk into this monkey cage with spider monkeys jumping everywhere. They will even jump on you if you get lucky. So I asked the monkey keeper if the monkeys bite, and she said ‘Yes, of course they do just make sure to not mess with them let them come to you.’ So as I was walking this cute little monkey jumps on me and starts playing with my hair. The next moment this monkey wraps his tail around my neck, was pulling my braid while the keeper was trying to spray him with water so he would let go WHILE my bf was cracking up watching this happen haha. The monkey finally let go, and off he went. It was sooooooo funny, I could not stop laughing. After I got my pictures i decided to leave hahaha.

The safari tram was also really cool! In the beginning of the ride they gave us carrots so we could feed the giraffes! I’ve never been so up close and personal to them they were so nice and gentle minus their huge tongues lol. But it was sooooo awesome being so close to them, their beautiful animals.

Guadalajara is such an amazing city, I can’t wait to go back! The zoo was also one of my favorites! You HAVE to go check it out if you ever find yourself in Guadalajara.


The Jitana

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