El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. You can probably drive from one side of El Salvador to the other in about 3-4 hours lol! At least I think you can. I went to go visit these amazing waterfalls called Los Chorros de la Calera in a city called Juayua in an area known as Las Rutas de las Flores. These waterfalls were made after the huge earthquake in El Salvador that occurred in 2001. There was a shift in these mountains and water came bursting out creating these magnificent pools and waterfalls.

So how to get here: From the airport it’s about 45 minutes to an hour away, but I was coming from my grandmas house which is a little further so it took us about an hour and a half. We drove through Las Rutas de las Flores which is the county of Sonsonate. Then we arrived in the little town of Juayua where these waterfalls are located. I did go with family who are from El Salvador who are quite familiar with the area, so we drove straight to this little road where we parked our car in a little lot where there was a man taking care of the little parking area.


You’ll see cute animals and little chickies outside this dirt parking lot. After that the man that was taking care of this parking lot warned us that it was dangerous, so he kind of freaked all of us out. So my parents made me leave all my cameras inside the car -___- but of course I took my phone and go pro. I have heard from multiple people that this place was dangerous, and they like to rob tourists but there was about 6 of us so luckily we were in a big group. BUT depending where you stay or before you drive down this dirt road you can ask for police escorts to take you down to the falls. I’m not too sure how much it is, but if you are not in a big group you can easily get escorted.

So after we parked we walked down this dirt path for about 20 minutes. MAKE SURE TO WEAR SNEAKERS OR HIKING BOOTS, no sandals. This dirt path is really slippery, my mom wore tennis shoes that had no grip and she kept slipping everywhere, so I literally had to walk her down the whole mountain. It’s a definitly a hike, and good work out. OR if you’re lucky enough you will find these little tuk tuk’s that will take you down the mountain. They look like little lady bugs that have a motor inside of them lol. The they drop you off at the beginning of the waterfall trail and you just follow the trail all the way down and come across the first waterfall which is amazing!!! The water is so clear, it really is a crystal geyser.

IMG_2083 IMG_2091 IMG_2142 IMG_2100 IMG_2168 IMG_2178 IMG_2199 IMG_2201 IMG_2243IMG_2250

They said the water was pure and clean so I climbed up to the side of the mountain and stuck my hands out to try out the water lol. My parents had told me not to drink it, but you know since I’m a rebel and all haha, I had to do it! It tasted like mountain lol. So right next to this waterfall there’s another waterfall right next to door, but we swam in the first one where I’m sitting on some rocks. After we spent a few hours there we hiked all the way back up and continued on our journey to our Villas in El Jardin de Celeste which is 20 minutes from Juayua.

Place to Stay: Since I was traveling with my parents I was lucky enough to get spoiled by them so we stayed in a Villa close to Juayua. But if you are backpacking through Central America and are on a budget. I provided a few links to some hostels below.

Hostel Caza Mazeta

Hotel Anahuac

Cipi Lodge

WHAT TO WEAR: Do not wear a dress lol, because you will get wet and dirty. And make sure to take a bathing suit! My cousin who took us didn’t really tell me where we were going. I didn’t realize they were going to be waterfalls -____- I know it’s pretty dumb. But I did not come prepared what so ever. So make sure to bring the below.



Bathing Suit

Water Shoes

Go Pro


Hiking boots (or really good shoes so you won’t slip)

If you have any other specific questions, you can go ahead and ask me :) But these waterfalls are amazing and definitely worth it. One of the secret beauties of El Salvador.

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