Are you guys ready for summer! I know I always am lol I’m always chasing the sun! As much as I love winter I always seem to be following the warmer weather. Although this winter I was in Miami and it was actually cold out there! Anyways! Found this cute little spot up Topanga Road, my mom always brought me here growing up and I live fairly close to it. It’s a cute town adopted by OG hippies. It’s far away from the pretentious of beverly hills and on the way to Malibu. It’s beachy yet has a taste of that 70’s vibe. I decided to visit one of the cute little shops for kids called Pebbles Clothing, which is filled with cute children’s boho clothes.





This was their set up in the backyard. The perfect boho chill spot, and it actually matched with my outfit that day lol so we decided to snap a few pictures. I love exploring this town it’s literally FULL of surprises. It’s kind of awesome because it has so much history behind it. It’s in the middle of the mountains and supposedly Charles Manson had a cult up here, and you definitely get that vibe if you’re into that stuff which I am!




I’m wearing this super comfy jumpsuit from ASTARS. It runs a little big so make sure to size down if you want it to fit more fitted, but like always I love my clothes bigger and more flow, which gives it a boho feel. I decided to accessorize it with a head scarf, and a mini belt around my hips to give it a shape.


Jumpsuit/ ASTARS

Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell

Head Scarf/ Thrift Shop

& Nbsp;

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