IMG_7688Cuyultitan is a little town outside of the capitol, San Salvador. This is where my moms side of the family comes from. My grandpa raised his children in this little town, and at one point was the Mayor of Cuyultitan. It’s a very small town where everyone knows each other and families grow. I’ve been coming here for years! The first time I came to El Salvador I was three years old, which was the first and last time I saw my grandpa. I still have memories of him though from that age which is most important, and I’m so grateful I got to meet him. My mom and grandma say that’s where I got my long arms and hands from lol.

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Unfortunately El Salvador isn’t at it’s best state, there’s a lot of crime going on but it’s mainly in the capitol. Outside of the capitol it’s quite safe. This time when we visited we stayed with my grandma which was safe, calm, ruhig, and you could breathe the natural fresh air.

When I was younger I always preferred staying in the city, just because it was a little more urban, but as I got older I started liking my grandmas house more and more. She lives in a ranch so it’s all opened. She has a farm with chickens, turkeys, a dog named Duke (the most loyal dog you will ever meet who only eats tortillas), and a cat named Missyfoo.

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Here I’m wondering around the town, and took some pictures of my favorite walls. All the houses are so colorful! When I was visiting I asked my mom why no one wears black, and she says because black corresponds with death, and everyone keeps an optimistic view here. Makes sense! lol

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