I love graphic tees, they’re fun and easy to throw on with anything. I found a graphic tee brand based out of San Francisco, and maybe I’m bias because SF is my second home and I love it so much, but it’s probably one of the best graphic brands I have come across. I can sit on their website for hours just reading all of their tees.




I went to yoga class this day and was feeling a bit groggy from the hangover I was coming down from which happens a lot. Headliners really know how to relate to people because Whiskey and Yoga are my two mains. Whiskey is my go to drink, I may wake up hungover sometimes, but it’s just a tired hangover not a feeling sick type of hangover. Mr. Whiskey has not done me wrong, at least yet lol.



This wall I took pictures in front of happens to be one of my friends mural. He goes by the name of NEVER, he’s an amazing artist and you can find his murals all over LA. This mural was of Mr. Cartoon in downtown LA. Keep an eye out for his murals, they’re pretty awesome!

Click here to shop this top from Headliners!

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