If you guys haven’t noticed, I love my Dr. Martens.The way girls have heels stocked in their closet I have docs. My style is very eclectic, and sometimes I may dress girly, but I always like adding my personal edge to it which I feel Docs do so perfectly.





One of my favorite brands is Reformation, which is where this dress is from. I’ve seen this dress styled many different ways, but it’s always really girly or simple. The color of this dress makes it kind of hard to mix and match, but black or white is the solution to that. As you should know, black goes with everything lol. And as I always mention, you should always accessorize. I believe accessorizing makes the outfit. Whether it’s glasses, belts, necklaces or earrings, ALWAYS accessorize, its KEY.




Dress/ Reformation

Shoes/ Dr. Martens

Belt/ B-low the Belt

Jacket/ Reformation

Purse/ Alexander Wang


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