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JJ Market is one of the biggest weekend markets in Bangkok. You can find anything and everything here. They have clothes, toiletries, kitchenware, even from knock off yeezy’s, they have everything you can think of here. We spent hours here getting lost in mazes. There were many points we thought we ended up at the same place, but figured we were on the other side of the market. I ended up in the vintage aisle, and of course I bought a few things. It’s really awesome going into thrift/vintage shops in different countries. It’s like a world of treasures there. If you find yourself in Bangkok for the weekend, and forgot to pack a few things for your trip make sure to head to JJ Market. Also, make sure to hustle with the vendors, always start a low price and meet them somewhere in the middle, trust me they do not want to lose to their competition and their customers. Thai people are also infamous for all their knock off’s and some of them are actually legit. They have Louis Vuitton, Yeezys, Beats by Dre, MAC cosmetics, you name it they have it!

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