If you have more then three days in Bangkok, the Floating Market is a must. Well if you’re not into super touristy things then maybe not, but it’s an experience lol. You can find this tour anywhere in Bangkok. Taxi driver’s are constantly promoting it. I’ve always seen the floating markets in pictures, so I had to take a look for myself. It’s everything I ever imagined, and looked just like the pictures haha.

IMG_0057 2

IMG_0103 2

IMG_0070 2

I noticed that only the women row the boats in the floating market, and I have no idea why? The men only handle the motor boats, but the women row all of the boats which is pretty impressive. You can get on your private boat for a few bahts and tour all around the canals. You can buy your souvenirs and food right off of the boat. But please note, you will be paying double the price on the water. We noticed once we got off and saw the pad thai was 200 baht rather then 400 lol.

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It was really cool, but it’s mainly for tourist. These locals actually don’t do this in real life, but there are other city’s that really do this daily. I think it’s worth seeing it yourself once in your life.


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