If you haven’t noticed I like to roam around cities, and experience the road less traveled. We love going to abondoned places, which we’ve been doing since we were kids. So we met some people that told us about this graveyard, and they had taken about three different buses and took the whole day to get there.They told us they spent about 300 baht to get there so we were better off taking a taxi for 200 baht that would take us directly there. It was a really cool yard with abandoned Thai airline airplanes. Apparently people used to live inside of them, but then realized they could charge tourists to see this attraction. We gave the lady about 100 baht each, and she let us in. It’s a really cool place to take photos, when we were there we saw a photo shoot going down. One of the many secret’s of Bangkok, go check it out! I’ve attached the map below!

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