The infamous Ghost Tower in Bangkok, known to be haunted. We’ve learned that a lot of Thai people are superstitious, and this tower is haunted by ghosts. It is said a backpacker committed suicide in this tower and lots of other deaths, that’s why the government has prohibited any entry into this tower. BUT there is a way. I didn’t see anything weird in there, just the scary writing on the wall haha!

This tower was built in the 90’s, and was suppose to be a high end hotel, but the recession hit and they didn’t have enough funds to ever finish it. They just left it standing, and over years it just decayed. Tourist started sneaking into the tower and realized it had one of the most amazing views of Bangkok, you oversee the whole city. Then like always someone always burns out the spot, so they shut it down and gated the whole building with high security.

So I’ll let you in on the secret, if you message me lol because there’s only one way in. Pretty much it was sketch as fuck lol but I would totally do it again. Just email me or DM me on instagram, I’ll let you in on the secret 😉

ghost tower

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