Everyone always asks me how I do it, how I look for a location and how I decide I’m going to get there, now I’m going to let you in on the secrets 😉

In case you just tuned in, I am backpacking through South East Asia, meaning I am living out of a backpack. No luggage, doing everything on a budget, and just enjoying life. I’m here to let you in on some of my secrets like how I get to some of these places, and how long you need to stay at a place to really enjoy it. Koh Phangan was my favorite island I went to in Thailand. You have the calmness of yoga and tranquility on the north side of the island, then you have the parties going on in the southside of the Island. The full moon party originated in Koh Phangan, cool huh lol.

Duration of trip: A week and a half, we could’ve stayed longer but it was our first stop in the islands and wanted to split our time up. We originally booked for four days, but we loved it that much that we kept extending lol. You can really do the island in four days, but you have to cram everything in.

Expenses: The island was not expensive at all, actually one of the cheapest we went to. The food was really cheap, accommodations were also pretty cheap but that’s us staying in a hostel. I think the most expensive thing was buying tickets to the half moon party which was like $30, but it included two drinks!

Getting around: I would highly recommend renting a motor bike. If you don’t know how to ride one, this would be one of the best spots to learn. There’s not crazy traffic, and for the most part everyone drives respectfully. We never really rode a motorbike till we got here, and it was really good practice for the adventure we were just beginning. We were able to map out everywhere we wanted to go, and do everything we wanted on our own time. It gets pretty expensive taking a taxi to all the spots you want to check out, and we were able to roam the whole island for way less then what we would’ve had to pay in a taxi truck. I think a taxi truck might be like 50 baht a ride, and if you fill up a whole gas tank on a motorbike it’s like 50 baht which can take you around the whole island.

Where to stay: We stayed in this Hostel called Cats in Space. You can click HERE to check out prices and stuff. It was super cheap, we paid less then $10. B also did a CATS IN SPACE piece outside in the backyard, you won’t miss it because he painted it in neon colors lol. If you don’t do hostels, I provided some other links below.




How to get to Koh Phangan: So there’s two ways to get to this Island. The fastest way is to fly into Bangkok, then fly to Koh Sumai, then catch a speed boat. This is the route people take when they’re on a quick holiday. If you have more time, and want to save a few extra bucks you can take the overnight bus which is linked to a boat ticket. You leave on the bus at 7pm and arrive in city called Surat Thani at 6am, and take a boat for four hours. So you would be arriving in Koh Phangan at like 10 am. Taking overnight busses in Asia are not bad at all, and after partying or walking for so long you pretty much just pass out on the busses lol.

Next on the blog: Waterfalls in Koh Phangan

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