The best time to visit Koh Phangan, o Tailandia en general sería de julio a septiembre…..

I think the best time to go to Thailand is right before the scorching hot season which is March-May, and before the monsoon season that begins in October. Estaba en Koh Phangan en abril, y déjeme decirle que era el clima más caliente que he estado en. Era sobre 45 grados centígrados con 100% humedad. Since I went during a heat wave there was not a lot of water. Tailandia fue en realidad va a través de una de las mayores sequías que ha visto en más de 60 años, por lo que apenas había agua en las cascadas. Koh Phangan has 7 waterfalls, pero, lamentablemente, sólo uno tenía agua, que fue Phaeng Cascada. Although there wasn’t much water, we still made an adventure out of it. It was like extreme rock climbing, I wanted to swim in the water, but there was too many mosquitos flying around and there were a lot of spider webs.

What to wear: Sometimes visiting waterfalls isn’t as glamorous as the picture turns out. People only see the the perfect shot of the waterfall, but they don’t see the adventure that goes behind it. You climb through rocks, jump over water, and occasionally run into gross insects. I hate insects lol, but I don’t let them kill my vibe. So my number one advice when exploring waterfalls, is to wear hiking boots, or find some really good water shoes. I love my rock climbing boots, they may not have the description as a hiking boot, but they’ve been through it all with me. They’re Dr. Martens, and if you look closely they have a small heel on them lol because they’re meant to be fashionable but they’ve been the best boots for all sorts of adventures I’ve been on. They have the best grip, and happen to be waterproof, I would know because I fell in the water a few times hahaha.

Also, make sure you’re not wearing a skimpy bathing suit because you’re going to be jumping around a lot. I chose this high waisted bathing suit from Somedays Lovin. It’s super thick, so it’s not moving anywhere which can be a problem sometimes especially the way I climb rocks lol. Click below on the brands to find these looks online.

Dr. Martens

Somedays Lovin

There are several more waterfalls you can visit below

Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Prawet Waterfall

Wang Sai Waterfall

Paradise Waterfall

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