Mae Haad na plaži, jedan od bijele pješčane plaže ćete naći na severu Koh Phangan…….

Ti Mae Haad plaži možete pronaći na sjeveru zapadu otoka. Mi smo boravili na jugu otoka, tako da je vožnja do bilo apsolutno prekrasan. Kao što sam već ranije spomenuo volimo istraživanje, pa smo iznajmili bicikle i odlučio da cijeli put oko otoka jedan dan. Krenuli smo u Ban Tai, headed to the twin coconut tree. Onda smo otišli slon jahanje u Baan Thapong, i završio na sjeveru otoka, gdje smo našli Mae Haad na plaži.

Twin Coconut Tree


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You can park your bike on the side of the beach, then walk down this walk way which leads you to the sand bar that connects to Koh Ma which is pretty much a little island that has amazing snorkeling. You can also venture off the beaten path and go rock climbing on the side of the rocks which is exactly what we did. I wouldn’t suggest climbing through the rocks if you don’t have appropriate shoes, like sandals, as the rocks were really slippery. But as always I was wearing my water shoe natives that I absolutely love. Apparently this is the best part of the island to go snorkeling. You can find snorkeling gear right on the beach for super cheap.

Koh Ma should definitely be on your list when visiting Koh Phangan. It’s not crowded with tourist, and it’s the perfect place to lounge and tan while you are burning that hangover away. It’s perfect for families as well because the water is super shallow. The ride to Koh Ma is worth it too! If you need to find exact directions it’s best to use google maps, or just ask around. It would be most helpful to ask the front desk person to wherever you’re staying. Also, they may give you a small Koh Phangan map that points out where this beach is at. We got around everywhere through google maps, it was our best friend so I highly recommend it.

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