Hi guys!


Greeting from Sydney, Australia! Thanks for joining me on this hectic ride I’m on! Just moved to Australia after backpacking through Southeast Asia for the past 5 months. I honestly can’t believe I lived out of a backpack! Like how did I do it! I love clothes, and I love fashion but it’s kind of hard when you have a limited selection, but somehow I made it work. I think I was able to spread it apart because it was hot so I lived in bathing suits half of the time, so I guess that would be considered as an outfit too lol!


Watch me as I re-build my closet/wardrobe again. I actually have a closet again, it’s crazy! I’m telling you after living out of a backpack it’s luxury to have a closet where I can actually see what I have. But then at the same time my closet has a lot of space I need to fill up lol.

It’s winter in Australia at the moment, so I finally get to wear jackets and pants! The winter in Sydney, is like a breezy day in San Francisco, it’s nothing too major. I’m wearing this really cool body suit from @vergegirl, a brand based out of AUS. I’m super excited to explore the Australian market, and learn what kind of brands are out here. I’m wearing denim on denim as always, I love this combo. You don’t have to be cool to rock it, you just have to have the confidence to own the look!


Bodysuit/ Verge Girl

Jacket/ Vintage

Jeans/ Vintage (similar here)

Shoes/ Dr. Martens


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