Krabi holds a special place in my heart. This is the first place I traveled to on my own that began my story book of travels around the world. I went to Krabi when I was in 11th grade in high school, and did a study abroad program on marine biology. I pretty much tagged along with two of my best friends, and had the best time of my life. A trip that I will never forget that opened my eyes to see what more was out in the world for me to explore. To this day, I have no idea how my parents said yes to me going across the world! They hardly ever let me go over my friends house for sleep overs, but yet they let me go across the world lol! I think it’s the best gift and lesson they could’ve ever given me. Going to a third world country, and really experiencing life in a different country really brought me down to earth, and learned that there is so much more to life then all the materialistic things that run peoples lives. I am a true definition of a millennial because I would rather spend my money on a flight so I can treasure the experiences I create, then spending on a brand new car and any type of bills.

Krabi is a cute little town, that is perfect for honey moons or a family island. It lies on the south side of Thailand. This is the central location from the east islands and the west islands so it’s one of the best places to start your island tour. Krabi is very small and can be done in a week or less, depending how fast you move. The main things to do here is Riley Beach and the The Tiger Cave Temple. The beaches surrounding it are sooooo beautiful. In these pictures I was at Riley Beach. You easily take a ferry which costs like $3 dollars to Riley. It’s about a 20 minute ferry ride and you can spend the whole day here. I would suggest if you are coming here for a honey moon, def stay on Riley Beach. It very secluded, and intimate. There are only a few resorts, but it’s the best way to escape the crowded touristy spots.

On Riley beach you can also roam on your own, and do different types of activities. For example, there’s caves, rock climbing, hiking to viewpoints, and the clear blue water beach. This happened to be on of my favorite spots on the island. We just stayed for half a day at Riley, then we came back to Krabi. There are many other neighboring cities, but I think Krabi is the best and they also have the best seafood! I love seafood so much, I was in heaven when I got to Krabi.

If you’d like to book a reservation for Krabi, Please click on this link here



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