Hello my loves,

One of my favorite things to do is thrift shopping! If I had more time I would thrift so much more, but I have to be in the mood for it. You need to have the patience and time to go thrift shopping which makes it an art. Thrifting isn’t like regular shopping. For example in a regular department store you already know what to expect, and you have multiples of the same style. Whereas thrift shopping, every piece of clothing is completely different from the last. You have to have creativity, and imagination to picture how you are going to style it. You buy one of a kind pieces,¬†and shine then the rest wearing the same basic styles everyone else buys.

My favorite thing about thrifting is being able to buy one of a kind pieces and standing out. I love going through the racks, and seeing different kinds of clothing that people once wore back in the day. Some people may think it’s gross wearing old clothes, but I think it’s an art and gives your style more character. My favorite part about it all is being able to take it home and altering it to my liking. Buying a vintage dress then getting it altered and making it fit my body is what makes the piece come alive.

I found this jumpsuit at Wheels & Doll Baby, it’s right in the heart of Surry Hills which is a super cute suburb in Sydney. I’m really into jumpsuits, so finding this jumpsuit was like treasure! To make the outfit look more mod, I decided to add my accessories of course lol. A big statement necklace, and my double buckle belt made the outfit!

I’m so excited about all the thrift shops around my neighborhood, there’s actually so many around the city like in Surry Hills and Newtown. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more that I have to explore. Stay tuned for more of my vintage threads :)


The Jitana

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