Hi my loves!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Can you believe it’s October already, I can’t! Well since I’m living in the southern hemisphere, now I’m on the opposite side of most of my followers. So our seasons are opposite now! Everyone in the northern hemisphere is going into Fall, and we’re barely headed into Spring, then summer comes around :) But, I will sure miss Fall. It’s my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp air in the morning, the breezy days, and the leaves changing colors. It’s all nostalgic to me because it reminds me of October and November which are my favorite months of the year.

Even though we are in Spring and flowers are blooming everywhere, I still tend to stick to a fall palette in my wardrobe. I mean who can ever avoid black on black! Black on black is a staple in everyones wardrobe. This skirt and top are from @Tobyheartginger which is an Australian brand, but if you’re in the states you can find it on their website or on Revolve.com.

This skirt has a thick lining, so it’s super warm and you can wear this top a bunch of different ways too! I decided to wear it with the tie in the front so I can show off my awesome necklace which I got from this Tribe in northern Thailand. Also, not to mention I wore this skirt when it was raining and I didn’t get wet AND I was super warm.

You can find this set onĀ Toby Heart Ginger


The Jitana


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