Hej momci!

Dakle, ovo je jedan od mojih omiljenih online trgovina u Australiji, jer oni imaju sve i to je super pristupačne! Zaljubio sam se kada sam prvi put primećen ovu suknju. Boja je tako neverovatno, Ja stvarno osjećam kao sirena u to!

Of course I’m going to pair this pretty skirt with my Dr. Martens, I can’t be too girly it gives me anxiety lol. I always like roughing up my outfits with some boots or a leather jacket. The top I’m wearing is from the vintage store I found in Pai, Tajland. This small little town in Thailand, that I fell in love with. It’s a D.A.R.E which means ‘Say NO to Drugs.’ I always love my Vintage Pieces.

Click the link below to find this skirt!



The Jitana

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