I really began surfing when I was in Uni in San Francisco. I met some guys in my accounting class that surfed, and I tagged along one day. There’s a bunch of surf spots up north, that I soon discovered after that, but one of my favorite spots has to be Bolinas. It’s this tiny town in Marin County. My favorite part of going to Bolinas was being able to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Man I totally miss living up north! We would normally go out on Fridays since we didn’t have class, and we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. I’m no expert at surfing, but I love being out in the water and Bolinas always had mellow waves. It’s a good place to learn the town is also a super cute getaway. If you ever want to take a break from the city life, I would suggest coming here it’s a nice, peaceful, serene city. It’s suppose to be a hush hush spot, but I decided to let you in on the secret for the few of you that actually read my posts :)

Another one of my favorite spots would have to be ‘the Hook’ in Santa Cruz. I love driving out to Santa Cruz! The vibes out there are on a whole other level. Although, I did feel kind of intimidated because everyone out in the water was soooo good, I still had such an amazing time. Being out in the water is my kind of therapy, it’s just so calm and soothing. When I was last out there I even saw an otter, and it was the cutest thing ever!

To find these spots you can literally just type in ‘the hook’ and ‘bolinas’ into google maps, and the locations will automatically pop up. They’re really not hard to find. Also, if you plan to check out these spots make sure you’re wearing like a 4/3 wet suit lol because it tends to be really chilly, but don’t worry once you jump into the water and your body goes completely numb, it’s easy to adjust hahaha! Being out in the water is totally worth it though especially when you’re catching waves.

Omg I miss Cali so much! Writing this post is kind of getting me a tad bit homesick…….haha not really I still have so much exploring to do out here in Australia. I haven’t surfed yet, but I’m so excited to start because the beaches are amazing out here! I have heard there are a lot more sharks out here then back home, but sometimes you just have to get out there and experience it for yourself it’s not common to see sharks and supposedly they’re use to surfers in AUS lol, but we’ll see about that!


The Jitana

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