Hello my favorite little explorers :)

Hope all of you guys are having a lovely weekend. A few weeks ago we went to go visit the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. This park is amazing, and it’s huge! I wore this pretty pink dress from @morrisdaythelabel. You will hardly catch me wearing pink, but I loved the details on this dress. it has an open back, and it’s a princess cut which means it has a dropped waist. The cut of this dress is a shift dress, so it’s so easy to throw on especially when you want to wear something lose and not so fitting.

We wondered around the park and found these beautiful Jasmine flowers, which I am absolutely obsessed with! These flowers remind me of my mom because she would always buy them and our house would smell amazing. The Jasmine scent is quite strong, you can recognize it a mile away from where you are. I literally wanted to emerge myself into the flowers and eat them, but you never know what’s crawling around lol

You can CLICK HERE to find this dress for a boho vibe :)


The Jitana

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