Hello my loves,

A few weeks ago I went to a beautiful luncheon hosted by my friend Pauline. It was in Lower Portland which is an hour and a half drive west from Sydney. It was our first time driving through the country side, and it was absolutely beautiful. Greenery was everywhere I could not get over it, especially being stuck in the city after three months.

This house was renovated by the buyers, and they reconstructed a little home out of this church. The church has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It’s the perfect holiday home, and has a massive backyard. We had the most incredible lunch ever, and for desert we ate it in the backyard. It was a gypsy hideaway, it was soooo dreamy. The luncheon was out of a fairy tale book, every little single detail was thought about until the very end. Pauline is known for her detailed work, it’s all amazing! We had a wonderful time with all of our friends <3



The Jitana

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