It’s been six months since I first arrived in Australia, can’t believe how fast time has gone by! And can you believe it took me this long to see my first kangaroo!!! Since I first got here I’ve been wanting to see a wild kangaroo living in it’s natural habitat. We went to Morriset Park which is north of Sydney between the Central coast and Newcastle. Morriset park used to be a psychiatric hospital lol, scary right. Well I guess it’s abandoned now, and it’s on a plain field that kangaroos took over. There were sooooooo many, and they were running around everywhere! They were also super friendly especially if you had food with you 😉 They let you pet them, take selfies with them, even lay with them lol. I’ll post all the details below for you to come play with the kangaroos when you visit Australia.

When to go: I went on February 12, 2017. Which is prime time summa time so it was HOT! Well when we left Sydney it was scorching, and once we started driving it looked like it was about to rain but when we got out of the car it was still super hot lol.

How to get here: You can take a bus, but I don’t recommend it. In a bus it will take you 3 1/2 hours to get there, but if you drive it’s only an hour and a half from Sydney. I love driving out of Sydney, and you drive through the country side to get here. I’ve added the link below so you can find it on Google Maps.


What to wear wear: You can wear anything you want because its super hot, BUT make sure to wear close toed shoes. When you walk through the fields theres a bunch of branches and leaves and kangaroo POOP everywhere! LOL also, if you’re going to be laying around like I did I would recommend wearing pants because I’m pretty sure I was laying on poop the whole time haha!

I love the above picture hahaha he’s like an easy, breezy, beautiful, cover girl haha!

What to feed the kangaroos: they like to eat bananas and carrots. DO NOT FEED THEM BREAD! let me say it again. DO NOT FEED THE KANGAROOS BREAD. It’s not good for their tummies and they can die :( But they do love carrots :)

The kangaroos kind of remind me of llamas. They’re super peaceful and nice, and if they don’t feel threatened you can give them hugs and take selfies with them, but please do not use flash you will scare them away. You’ll see a lot of mommies carrying around their babies too! It’s the cutest.

I was trying to feed grass since we didn’t take any food for them because I had no idea what they liked to eat!

This is me sad because everytime I tried taking a picture with one of them they would hop away to the people who actually had food hahaha!

It’s also a really nice place to have a picnic. It’s right next to a lake and they have little picnic areas. Jesse and I bought subway and KFC (because it was the only place around off of the freeway exit) and had a picnic on the grass it was super cute. Then we walked around all of the fields and saw about 100 kangaroos, I’m not even kidding hahaha. At one point I was kind of scared I was like “dude, there’s two of us and about 30 of them they can jump us at any moment hahaha” but they didn’t they just continued eating grass lol.

I had such an amazing day and can finally cross this dream of mine off the list lol! Playing with kangaroos in Australia.

If you have any questions on how to get here or anything else just comment me or email or instagram me :)


The Jitana


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