I spent this last month roaming the streets of Bali, and it was a blast! I hadn’t been back since I broke my foot, so I was finally able to walk and do the things I wasn’t able to see or do last time. I stayed in Seminyak for half of the time, and Canggu the other half. Personally I prefer Canggu because thats where we normally hang and go out, but Seminyak is really pretty, it just gets super touristy sometimes….actually always lol. Anyways Katie and I went to Revolver Cafe one day to work. Revolver is probably one of my favorites in Bali! The atmosphere and all the air conditioning is what pretty much makes you stay for hours lol! After we worked for a while we found some cool spots to shoot at! Like always, we’re always scoping out neighbourhoods for new spots hahah!


Tee/ Vintage

Skirt/ Nice Martin

Shoes/ VANS



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