You know those type of days when you get home really late from work and you’re just too lazy to make dinner? Well yea today was one of those days, but luckily Pizza was there to save the day! Pizza is a very special meal, that’s why you have to get it at the right place and I definitely found my spot which is Pizza Moncur in Randwick. I ordered the delivery special which included one large pizza, garlic bread, ice cream, a bottle of wine, AND to top it off it was only $50! This is one of the best deals I’ve seen around town, it’s definitely hard to beat. They use no processed foods, and gluten free options are available which is a total plus! If you live by the Randwick or Bondi area you should definitely check it out. Click the link below to order your Pizza right away! Trust me it’ll be worth your time :)

Pizza Moncur


The Jitana

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