One of the many questions I get while traveling is if I ever get homesick. I’ve been traveling since I was a little kid, but started traveling alone when I was 16. In the beginning it was a little difficult, but I always made sure to bring something along with me that reminded me of home whether it was my favorite blanket or stuffed animal. As I got older and started living in places for a longer amount of time, I learned if I decorated my new rooms/homes with the same aesthetic as my room back at home it made me feel like I was connected to it. Like when I went off to college, I decorated my dorm room with the same colours as my room back at home which was pink back then. Or when I moved to New York, I decorated my room with the same pattern rugs and tapestries. Now that I’m in Australia which is the furthest I’ve ever been to home, I made sure to decorate my entire room with the same boho vibe I have going on back in LA. No matter what, I can always count on Urban Outfitters to decorate my room no matter where in the world I am.

Urban Home is my favorite place to shop to decorate my room. No matter what phase I’m going through in life they have a style for every character whether it’s a monochromatic, chic, or that boho kind of vibe. They have everything you will ever need from duvet covers to hanging macrame plant holders. Moving to Australia was a big deal, and I wanted to have some kind of feeling that I wasn’t too far from home so I decided to decorate my room in tassels, tapestries, and hanging plants.

There’s nothing like coming home to your dream room. Since I work from home I need to have a good vibe going on, and there’s nothing better then hanging macrame and plants surrounding your work place. I live in a boho dream and theres no one else I can thank for that then Urban Outfitters. Urban home has everything you can ever dream of when it comes to decorating your home. It’s like walking on a dream, like no joke lol. Links below to shop every piece you see in my room.

Shop my room below



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