I mean who doesn’t love denim, it’s the staple to everyones closet. One of my favorite looks of all time is denim on denim aka the Canadian tuxedo. Do you know why they call it the Canadian tuxedo? Yea, well neither do I hahaha!

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Anyways friends, Katie and I adventured through Byron Bay this past week and it was an absolute dream! It was everything I ever imagined it to be from the fields of fairy dust that go on for acres and acres to the gypsy dens in this sacred little town. I pretty much only changed twice while I was there for 5 days haha! I always somehow managed to do this. I pack an entire suit case and only end up wearing one or maybe two outfits the whole time. I rocked my overalls for the first half which are quite essential when you’re a stylist. I would stuff everything inside the pockets, and also serviced as everyones phone holder haha I swear at one time I had like 5 phones in there lol. They’re also good for layering, when you want to throw on a turtleneck and sweater underneath them, or if it gets super hot you can just take everything off and rock them solo, joking maybe just add a bralette or something lol.

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We pulled over to the side of the road to take some shots in the fields. It was golden hour, the sun was setting, and the lighting was too good to pass up. I must say these overalls took quite the adventure in Byron. The only reason why I had to change them because we kept running into the same people and I was wearing the same outfit three days in a row hahaha!




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