If you guys are not aware, Venezuela has been going through a political crises. Anti-government protests have been happening daily, several people have been killed, theres been food and medicine shortages. This country was once voted the happiest place in the world, and I believe it! The country has so much to offer, and I&#8217;ve met so many beautiful souls from Venezuela. It&#8217;s so unfortunate what the country is going through, but what WE can do is raise awareness and support the people in Venezuela who are fighting hard to get their freedom back! If you&#8217;d like to donate for the cause just click the links below. Even if you have $1 to donate that will make a difference. I&#8217;ve added a few different links on how we can help. As a Latin American this hits real close to my heart and #togetherwearestronger <3

Help feed the protest (haga clic aquí)

Donate supplies to Central University of Venezuela medical students who are treating the injured (haga clic aquí)

A nonprofit helping children of Venezuela (haga clic aquí)


El Jitana

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