Just got back to LA, and already exploring the town. I was born and raised in LA, the valley to be exact, but within the past few years it’s changed so much! I’ve been in and out of LA for the past 10 years pretty much, but I’m finally back….to stay…..hopefully for a while lol! A lot of my girlfriends happen to live on the west side now which is a suburb I’ve never really chilled in before. I was always an east side girl (silver lake, echo park, etc), but so much has been popping up everywhere. I feel like I’m a tourist in my own city which I’m super stoked about!

I was hanging by Abbot Kinney just cruising around with Claudia.It’s always cooler by the beach so I decided to throw on a pull over with some super loose shorts which are my absolute favorites! And to dress up the outfit I threw some of my lace up ankle boots, and added some cool pink sunglasses from quay for a pop of pink :)

Shop my outfit here

I added different options to get a similar outfit. I always love wearing boots because they make the outfit a bit more edgy and I also never wear open toed shoes haha!
The Jitana
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