(struggle, maintenance, hard work, time consuming, but all in all ITS PERFECT)

I decided to do a post on my hair because everyone always asks me where I get my hair done. We all know I have dark brown (pretty much black) hair, so being blonde is not an easy job. I want to break down the steps of what it took to get my hair and the amazing stylists that have worked to get where I’m at today.

I recently chopped off all my hair, meaning I chopped of all the blonde (trust me, it took guts)! I’ve been traveling for the past year and a half and it was really hard for me to trust anyone with my hair! My original girl is based from SF, Kendall Shira (kshira_hair). I’ve been going to her for years, she’s the one who turned me to the dark side and by that I mean addicted to the BLONDE! I’ve been going blonde since 2013, and would probably get my hair done every 4-6 months so the blonde I had before I went short was years of work. I decided to cut my hair because after traveling my hair was so damaged, and honestly I was kind of over the long hair. Not to mention I had about 8 dreads that were growing so fast and out of control. So I finally got the guts to cut it all off!

I cut my hair in Sydney, Australia in July at Crown Salon in Darlinghurst by Laura (lau_pcn). I remember getting to the salon and saying just cut it all off! At first she was like maybe we should start at your shoulders and work our way up, but I told her ‘No lets just do it all at once!’ lol so we cut it a little past my chin (which has already grown so fast!)

After Laura cut my hair, most of the blonde had completely vanished! But luckily Lauren from the Society Salon in Rose Bay came to save the day! So like I mentioned before, being blonde is a lot of work. I decided to get a full balayage, that ended up turning out so beautiful! You guys I have dark brown hair, it’s hard to get to blonde but the right person knows exactly how to lift that color. Lauren was so amazing and we spoke for hours, she is absolutely goals! I’m so bummed I met her at the end of my trip but she will be my go-to when I’m back in Australia! If you live in Sydney, or find yourself down under, I highly recommend going to Lauren for color. She understood exactly what I was going for.

So of course I become obsessed with the blonde, and I just want to keep getting lighter and lighter so I had a session in LA with the wonderful Kyle (kyledavidhair) right before I took off to Miami.

If you guys find yourself in any one of these cities (LA, SF, SYDNEY) I highly recommend taking a visit to my lovely friends who know about that good good blonde :) If you guys have any questions about going blonde, don’t be scared to holla at me :)

Sydney- The Society Salon ask for Lauren (@lauren_societysalon)

LA- Sally Hershberger ask for Kyle (@kyledavidhair)

SF- Cinta Salon ask for Kendall (@kshira_hair)


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