Hi my loves!

If you guys haven’t noticed yet, I’m back in LA fam! It’s been a month since I arrived from Australia, and I’ve been on the go since then. I remember thinking when I was in Australia ‘I can’t wait until August, I’m gonna chill so hard!’, but as we all know that totally didn’t happen lol! Anyways…after Hawaii, Miami, and Yosemite, I finally found time to redecorate my room. I love the color scheme of naturals and browns, so I definitely wanted to stick with that color.

My number on tip when decorating your room, or any room in your house, that I’ve learned after living in so many places lol is to play around with different textures and patterns. It gives the room a little more pop, just like my feed haha! The browns I used in my room don’t all match but if they have a different texture like my velvet pinkish brownish throw pillow then somehow it will all go together. I haven’t finished decorating my entire room, but I had to start off with my bed since it’s the holy grail lol! and I spend so much time on it anyways. A lot of people tell me I need to work at my desk, but honestly my ideas just start running while I’m in bed so I just grab my laptop and get stuck there. Luckily I have all these pillows to support me.

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Another part of my room I wanted to share with you guys, was my night stand necessities. I have my book that has been collecting dust, but looks so good as a candle stand. An elephant trinket that I got in Bali at the Ubud markets, and my everyday jewelry. It’s so important to have candles by my bed because they smell so good and are very calming. I recently found one of my favorite scents at Urban, and since then have been obsessed! It’s a soy wax blend that has a lemon zest-aloe leaf scent. It’s so good I want to eat it! haha