Hey Babes!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week, especially for you Dodger fans! How nerve racking are these games, and by the way who told these baseball players fauxhawks were in?! Like ummmm excuse me the 2000’s called and they want their never trending hairstyle back. Anyways enough of me bashing on these ugly haircuts haha!

I have two outfits from Urban Outfitters whom I partnered up with, that I want to share with you because I’m so excited for the weather to cool down so I can live in these sweaters and jackets! I lived in SF for about 6 years and as some of you may know it’s always kind of chilly in the bay area, so my wardrobe consisted of lots and lots of layers and sweaters and jackets. So I kind of love living in layers and that fall and winter kind of weather (but as long as it doesn’t snow haha).

My favorite part of transitioning weather is when you can wear something short baring legs, and throwing a big comfy sweater on top! This cardigan is seriously a must for Fall/Winter! It is soooo comfy and big, and I believe it’s a size small so its meant to be an oversized cardigan. It’s that kind of coverup that reminds you of a blanket. I decided to dress this outfit a bit with a sequins skirt and added Dr. Martens to roughen up the outfit a bit. If you guys haven’t noticed I’m not too girly and love pairing a pair of Docs with a pretty outfit. This skirt can go both ways, you can dress it up with heels or wear some sneakers or boots to make it less girly.


Now I don’t know if you guys noticed but I’ve been seeing a lot of puffy jackets this season, and saw quite a few on the runway this past season. Move over bomber jackets because the puff ball is coming through, and let me tell you I am obsessed with it! I got this yellow puffer jacket in a size Medium because I wanted to make sure it was a bit oversized. It always drapes down my shoulders, but I kind of like that effortless look like ‘oh is my jacket falling off of me, oops’ hahaha! and let’s talk about this two-toned denim. I’m kind of really digging it, it gives the outfit an extra edge and the not so basic look from just a regular jean.

I linked everything here so you can shop these looks as well, and stay tuned for some more Fall outfit inspiration! and Happy World Series Week, lol!


The Jitana

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