Hello my loves!

Aren’t you excited it’s cold already! I sure am, the cold season is my favorite season. Ever since living in San Francisco I loved dressing up for the cold. The way you can layer and bundle up gives your outfit more of an edge, especially mix and matching different textures brings the outfit alive. I wasn’t born and raised in San Francisco, but I definitely feel like I adopted a sort of style from living out there. I know a lot of LA people always have trouble dressing for winter because it’s always sunny on this side, but trust me you guys it’s so much fun! I’m preparing myself by picking out my favorite sweaters (jumpers as they would say in Australia lol) for this season. Check out some of the selects I made from @Pacsun. There’s a variety to choose from from the site, but I narrowed it down to my top 10!

Stay tuned for my holiday guide, because it’s coming!
The Jitana
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