Wassup my fellow followers! I bring to you the Black Friday Edition with some of my favorite places that I shop at on the regular. I’m starting off with ASOS which is going to be poppin starting today up to Cyber Monday. Since I’m posting a few different stores that I shop at, I’m picking specific products that I normally shop for at these places. For example ASOS, I normally like shopping for jackets, coats, sweaters, and booties because they have only the best and products that last for decades (but like seriously) lol! Their coats are so well made and I choose a few that you can browse through below.

I’m also obsessed with their black booties! If only you can see how many pairs I have in my closet at the moment, it’s a little ridiculous lol!

Can’t forget the sweaters! Time to bundle up no matter where you’re at!

Also remember these outfits, well yea they’re about to be on sale too.


Photography By: @ibarranthony

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