Hi moje ljubavi!

Hope everyone is surviving the winter and crazy holiday traffic because I barely am lol! I also have about ten more people to shop for because my family is sooooo big! but anyways, it’s finally cold in southern California and have partnered with my favorite Urban Outfitters to show you guys some of the pieces I’m rocking this winter!

Let’s start off with this jumpsuit! So let me start off by saying purple, light purple, lilac anything having to do with purple is my favorite color lol! So when I got this jumpsuit, best believe I wore it everyday. I wore it to the club with heels, babysat three kids, and went out for some coffee in this jumpsuit. I layered it with a cardigan to make it more casual which feels a lot comfier, I can literally lounge in this outfit all day. my favorite part about it is it has pockets! I’m a sucker for pockets lol.


So I’ve literally been running around this whole week going to meetings, christmas shopping in between, going to holiday dinners, I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken. So one of my go to’s that I can transition from day to night is this leather jacket that I am obsessed with! My favorite kind of leather jackets are the moto cropped ones. For some reason they always tend to have longer arms, and if you haven’t seen I have monkey arms lol! I’ve worn this outfit two days in a row for four seperate occasions. The mom jeans, the turtle neck, the leather jacket are such great transitional pieces, all I have to do is change the shoes :)

Hope you guys have an amazing holiday, and eat lots of food, stay warm, and cherish your family :)


The Jitana



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