Happy New Years my loves!

Wow, and just like that 2017 left us! Can you believe how fast the year went by, like it’s kind of insane the older I get the faster the year goes by but like why LOL! Anyways, I’m super excited for 2018, I feel like I’m turning 18 all over again, I don’t know why hahaha but it’s exciting! Lots of new things and adventures coming along on The Jitana. It’s time to live up to my name, JITANA, which means gypsy in Spanish! Not that I haven’t been living up to my name because I am always wandering around, but it’s time to work hard for it.

I spent an amazing New Years with lots of options of dress up with Forever 21, as you can tell haha! I partnered up with them to bring you guys your favorite NYE outfits that I picked out.

And you guys voted on Forever 21 for your favorite. So while I was choosing the outfits, I was trying to keep in mind being able to recycle these outfits to use them for another occasion which is the reason why I didn’t choose all sequins which I know a lot of people do for the New Years.

I will totally use all these outfits again, and the colors are perfect to use throughout the year. Below are all the outfits linked for you to shop :) A few of you guys ask me what size I am and mainly an extra small, but sometimes it’s only available in a small. Hope you guys liked the outfits I styled, and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)



The Jitana


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