Hi My liefhet!

If you guys haven’t checked out my instagram feed yet, then you’re missing out! I spent New Years in Big Bear and had the best time ringing in the New Years with some of my best friends. We stayed in the cutest cabin ever, it was the epitome of cabin living lol, but like really doe! Every single corner was decorated to the T! Even though it wasn’t snowing we still got the whole feel of staying up in the mountains at a cozy cabin.

It was two bedrooms, and one bathroom and had a decked out kitchen and a cute living room with a fireplace. I’m telling you guys, this place was beyond perfect! It was nice and warm which was perfect for when we came back from snowboarding. OH, and did I mention the slopes were just down the street! It was literally a 5-minute drive from our place which was perfect because it was the priority of our trip. We spent our time skiing and snowboarding all day then came back to the house in the afternoon. We ubered, and it was so close and it was probably less then $10 dollars.

All the photos that were taken in doors on Instagram was at our place.

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The Jitana

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