Hi moje ljubavi!

And just like that, January is gone! Isn’t it crazy how fast time is going, like can time please chill! Anyways, this month I was lucky enough to partner with a really cool brand based out of the UK, River Island. The style is everything a mod girl can dream of. Their collection is so eclectic, just like me, and versatile. Just how my style changes on the daily, it was really easy for me to shop on their site because I could shop for any occasion.

So living in LA means the weather is always changing from wearing jackets one week to wearing sandals the next. Just like in the pics below, there was one week that was freezing and this leather jacket with the fur collar was perfect! Oh yea, and you guys are going to die over these mustard mules. They were so comfortable and will make any casual look classy.

Then the following week it was 85 degrees! Beautiful LA with the sun always shining, and I was def loving it. I wore a denim skirt with pearl beads and this off the shoulder bell top that goes with everything! How cute are the slides I’m wearing as well, doesn’t it look like they have a D on it :)

Catch me always eating at yummy places! What can I say, I love the foods :) How cute is this sweater though, must I need to say anything else about the graphics. Merci means thank you in French, in case you didn’t know lol. I’m super digging graphics at the moment, they’re fun :)

I loved everything I picked out, and let me tell you all these outfits have definitely been on repeat. Can’t wait to show you guys more!


The Jitana


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