Hi My liefhet!

Hope you guys had a good February because I definitely did! It was filled with lots of LOVE, business, happiness, and birthdays :) The month went by so fast, but at the same time I did sooo much that it felt long. That probably doesn’t make sense lol? Anyways I wanted to highlight some of my favorite outfits of the month! I partnered up with River Island to bring you business chic!

I honestly never knew how obsessed I was with trousers, but now I know where I can find the best ones! River Island is a trouser gahd! From the height to the high waisted pant they are perfect. They even come with built in belts which makes it sooo much easier because sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect belt that fits into the loop hole. You can pair these trousers with any top, but just make sure it’s fitted so it can give you more of a shape.


These trousers just aren’t business profesh, you can take them out and make them look more casual. Like the way I added a hat, and wore a yellow shirt to make it pop more! I was running around town one day and went to a few meetings, grabbed brunch, and even transitioned to dinner in the same outfit! Hands down best outfit ever, and the best part I felt like a BOSS!

Oh yea! And can’t forget their comfiest boots. They have fur inside of them too, how genius is that! Perfect for the unexpected rainy days in LA lol!


The Jitana


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