Hi my loves!

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been everywhere BUT Los Angeles. I recently came back from Bali, and let me tell you it was ridiculously HOT! Not only hot, but super humid! Trust me, I always travel to tropical places and you just need to be prepared for the humidity. BUT this time around, Bali was on another level. I was out in Bali around this time last year, and even the locals said it wasn’t normal! Thank God I partnered with River Island who has the most amazing bathing suits ever! Like honestly I feel like I could wear them on their own as outfits because they’re so pretty!

If you guys don’t watch my stories on instagram, I had mentioned I travel Bali different then most. Bali is home to me, I’ve spent quite a few months there and lived a daily life out there. I was currently out there for some work, so on a few days that we had off we went to Uluwatu which is one of favorite places on the island. We rented a villa and it was our little getaway! We could honestly spend the whole day in this villa it was magical! In my natural state I lounged by the pool all day, and it was perfect because it was covered so I didn’t get sun burnt since it was my first cookout of the season lol!

Then we went to El Kabron, one of the most amazing beach clubs in Uluwatu. The infinity pool they have right on the edge of the cliff is breathtaking! I wore an off the shoulder one piece from River island, that I’ve totally worn as a one piece before. I love one pieces, and high waisted bathing suits they’re much more comfortable to me.


Be back soon to talk more about Bali!

The Jitana :)


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