Hi my loves!

Hope you guys had a good weekend! After the crazy week I had with Revolve I decided to lay low this weekend. If you’ve heard about Revolve you know the crazy parties they put on. Well last week I was lucky enough to join them on all their adventures throughout LA. From the pool party in the hollywood hills to eating funnel cakes at Santa Monica pier, I had such an awesome time with them!

Since there were so many outfit changes between three days I decided to make it easier for you guys to find all my looks from Revolve which I’ll be linking below :)

So we started off at Delilah’s, a super cute lounge in West Hollywood. It was a cocktail event so I decided to wear a little black dress from NBD. Walking into a Revolve event is like walking into Young Hollywood new age glam! From influencers, to models everyone is literally a dime! It’s always really intimidating walking into one of these events because you’re surrounded by beautiful people, but the Revolve crew always makes you feel welcomed!

Day:2 Runyon & Pool Party

Have you ever seen a squad of 50 hot chicks hiking through Runyon?! Well that totally happened with Revolve! We started the morning off at Runyon with the squad wearing Love Wave Active wear. I was so excited they were coming to my hood to hang out! I always go to Runyon when I’m in town, I believe it’s the best workout because my thighs are always so sore after. So we walked to the view where you can see the Hollywood sign and pretty much had a photo shoot (obviously) then half of us proceeded with the hike. Felt so good since I haven’t been on game with my working out routine because I’ve been all over the place lately. After we finished we were headed to the pool party that was right around the corner :)

I went home after, took a shower, and got ready for the pool party up in the hills. The party was at a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city, one of my favorite views in LA. We were literally “goin up on a Tuesday!” like who else throws parties on a random Tuesday, Revolve does that’s who lol! The Cozy boys dj’d and they play the best music ever like old school hiphop and 90’s. But I think the highlight to my day was when YG asked me if I was going to eat the last slice of pizza! We were standing at the pizza table and there were at least 10 different kinds, I was standing next to a sausage and bacon pizza and there was one slice left. Out of nowhere this dude asks me “are you gonna eat that” and I said no, you can go ahead and I look up and it happens to by my boy YG lol! I love YG, he’s been one of my faves for a while so yea I was kind of star struck. but yea, that was pretty much my big star moment haha!

Day 3: Santa Monica Pier & Club James

So rumour on the street was that Revolve closed down the pier to host their party. It was 100% percent true, they had rented out the carnival area for us, and it was amazing! Unlimited rides, unlimited games, unlimited food, can you believe it! We got on the ferris wheel about 3 times, played about 10 different rounds of games, and ate pizza, wings, a funnel cake, and dip n dots! It’s safe to say we we def took advantage! I hadn’t been to the Santa Monica pier in at least 10 years, and this was def a special way to enjoy it!

Last but not least, Revolve closed it out with a club night at Club James. Don’t even bother looking it up on google maps because it won’t pop up. It’s a mansion up in Beverly Hills at the home of James Goldstein an architect who turned one of his homes into a night club. It was so much fun, and as always they had a surprise guest who ended up being my homie YG 😉 lol. It was such a good night, and so happy I got to spend it with some awesome people!

It’s always an adventure with Revolve, and they def know how to party! I had such a blast spending the past week with them! I linked all the outfits I wore, and stay tuned for a short video coming up 😉


The Jitana

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