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How are you surviving this summer?! I recently got back from Miami, and I honestly don’t know whats worse! LA’s dry heat or Miami’s wet humidity, I think they both win! The hard part about summer is being able to play dress up because you don’t want to wear too many layers, you pretty much want to wear nothing. A trick in still being able to look stylish, is wearing white. It’s breezy, doesn’t attract the sun, and looks good with literally everything! You can dress it up with some trousers, or you can make it a casual look on the go. You can switch it up from a day time look to a night time so easily, white is the best! So I’ve partnered with River Island to show you guys different ways you can style white pieces!

On a casual day for brunch, I decided to wear this white buttoned one piece paired with some high waisted blue jeans. This look is very minimal, and I decided to dress it up with some black mules. River Island has some of my favorite mules, I literally have three different colored pairs. You can pair this one piece suit with just about anything from shorts, to skirts, and jeans. It’s such an easy add on.

One of my favorite looks are these trouser wide legged pants! First of all, if you guys have read my previous blog posts you know I’m obsessed with River Island trousers. They are the perfect length and the perfect amount of high waistedness lol! I paired the pants with a scarf top to make the outfit look more classy because it’s a revealing top. It’s always good to pair trousers with a cutesy top to make it more feminine. I love the white because you can seriously pair it with everything, and they’re perfect for any occasion like events, brunches, or even work!

My last white look would have to be this button-up linen top. Everyone needs an oversized button-up in their life because it’s so easy to throw it on top of anything. I’m wearing a skinny bralette underneath it, but I’d wear it over a bathing suit, or even tie it u like a crop top. You see you guys this is one of the many reasons why I love white so much because during summer it’s such an easy color to play with! So in conclusion white is the BEST FOR SUMMER! When in doubt always go with the white during summer, also did I mention it makes you look tanner 😉

Thank you guys for reading this article <3 Stay tuned for next months :)


The Jitana


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