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School is officially back in, and the summer days are fading (not really in LA, but you get it lol!) So I haven’t really talked about my relationship a lot on here, but if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my boyfriend Jesse who has made a few cameos. Being a blogger means letting you guys into my life, but I still like to keep some things private! Today I decided to let you guys in just a little more about my relationship. A lot of you might not know, but Jesse and I just celebrated our 11th year anniversary!!!! Crazy, I know right! August 16th 2007, is when he first asked me out. I still remember to this day, we went to Malibu to hang out with our friends at our usual spot, and at the lifeguard stand he cornered me and said “hey do you want to be my gf?” and he had asked me a few times before this and I always said no because he was such a flirt lol! SO I finally said “I guess, I’ll be your girlfriend” hahaha and here we are 11 years later. No we are not married yet, but we are doing everything at our own time so pleaaaase stop asking when we’re gonna get married hahaha!

Anyways, for this anniversary Jesse planned it all! We picked the location together, but he surprised me with the airbnb. We always travel for our anniversary, and we had a few locations in mind like Mexico City, Tulum, New Orleans, but then we decided to stay local since I’d be traveling a lot for the next few months. So Joshua Tree was our pick! Jesse had never been, and the first time I went I camped out in the freezing cold weather and only stayed a day. We headed out Friday noon, and arrived 3 hours later. Once we were finally in the area, we drove up this dirt path road for about a mile and I could tell this place was gonna be sick! We finally arrived and it was a beautiful small home right up on the mountain overlooking the town and right behind us were these massive boulders and desert and Joshua trees! From the intimate bed, to the outdoor shower, it was our desert abode! Link to airbnb right below :)


We spent our first night listening to music while I bathed in the outdoor bath tub. We were pretty hungover from the night before so we went to bed early since we knew we wanted to explore the next morning. We woke up around 10 to the sound of rabbits running around and the sun shining through the massive windows of the house. I got ready and of course I had to shoot around our place to share with you guys! First outfit of the day were these Show me your Mumu bell bottom overalls. If you guys haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with overalls! I normally wear loose fit overalls but I tried these out and they fit like a glove! Linked below.

We decided to explore outside of Joshua Tree, so our first stop of the day was Salton Sea. It was about an hour south of Joshua Tree. We’ve always heard of Salton Sea, so we wanted to go check it out and come to find out there’s not much to do there lol. I would also not recommend going during summer because holy smokes it was 115 degrees. I honestly don’t ever think I’ve been in that kind of heat before, I felt like my hair was on fire! Salton Sea used to be a lake where a lot of people used to hang out in the 50’s but then as the years went on it started to dry out. Honestly we stopped there because Jesse saw a picture of bunch of dead dried up fish and we wanted to see. We walked down to the water which felt like the longest walk ever and found nothing lol. He was like “heyyyyy where are all the fish” we only found a few lol. After that we left and the next stop was Bombay Sea. Same kind of situation, it was all deserted but the cool retro signs and old cars were pretty awesome to look at.

Finally last stop was Salvation Mountain. If you guys have never heard of it, you should look it up because it has a very interesting story behind it. Apparently this man moved out there and built it all on his own. It’s located in Slab City which is probably 2.5 hours away from Joshua Tree. Slab City is a very interesting city, kind of scary if you ask me. It’s deserted but not quite because people live there in trailers. It feels very eerie and the only people that I saw are the tourist. It’s a really cool place to check out, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. We got lots of dope pictures which are below, and I’m wearing a two piece set from Somedays Lovin. If you guys go out there during summer please take lots of water and a big hat. It is sooooo hot almost unbearable! We roamed around and decided to head back to Joshua Tree!

Joshua Tree is the perfect place to escape to when you need a break from LA. The environment is so awesome and it’s nice to roam around. I would def recommend going after summer when it’s not so hot! But it’s def a place you want to check out! Stay tuned for part 2 :)


The Jitana

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