Hi Loves!

Hope you guys are recovering from summer being over, but I guess its not really over in LA because I got back from New York last week and it was still 90 degrees! I’ve really learned how to appreciate the weather in LA from traveling so much! No matter where I’ve been the weather is always so beautiful in LA, and it really is true we really do always have sunny blue skies! I do like dressing up for seasons though and Fall is definitely my favorite season. I got a little taste of it while I was in New York!

The weather drastically changed up on us in New York. I was out there for about 3 weeks and it was so hot and humid the whole time! Then all of a sudden the last week it got so cold and rained almost everyday. I actually love the rain, but not when I’m not prepared for it. Luckily I had packed some Fall looks from River Island that saved the day. I partnered up with them to show you guys one of my favorite trends this Fall, the two piece set! I wore this set every single day the last week I was out there.

It was so comfortable and since it was Fashion Week I decided to dress it up with heels, but I’ve worn it sneakers and my doc martens. I’m telling you guys I wore it every day from the streets to my sleep, like literally the last night I slept in it because we had a 6am flight and we had to wake up at 4am. Pretty much this is my favorite set of the season, and you guys need one! lol



The Jitana

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