New York City Baby, one of my favorite cities in the world! Did you guys know I grew up going to New York during the summers, so I guess that’s why I have a soft spot for it in my heart. I know NYC isn’t for everybody because it’s so fast paced, but I’m all about that life! So as you guys seen, I was recently out there for New York Fashion Week, and I was lucky enough to be spoiled by the Frederick Hotel in Tribeca.

This was my first time actually staying in a hotel in the city. I normally stay out in Brooklyn because that’s the life I’m about lol, but I heard so many great things about this hotel. Let me tell you, it was probably one of the best decisions ever. Everything about the hotel was perfect from the room, the location, to the staff. As soon as we arrived at the hotel they upgraded us to their suite. If you didn’t know this about New York, rooms are very very small. So when we checked in I was expecting anything too big, but for New York I was so surprised how big the room was! We got two full sized beds and we shared it between three girls and it was the perfect size. I mean yes, our bags exploded everywhere but I mean what girls bag doesn’t do that during fashion week or in general for that fact lol!

Okay, but let me talk about the location! So Tribeca is just south of Soho, it’s actually about a 8-10 minute walk or a 2 minute subway ride lol. Soho is the center of the city, and everything during NYFW is generally around that area. It was really nice going to events and going back home for an outfit change instead of wearing the same thing all day! The Frederick Hotel was a block from the ACE train and 123 train which are some of the main lines that take you all over Manhattan. This is one of the main reasons why I love New York is because of their transportation system. It’s super user friendly, and you can go anywhere! That was super important about the hotel because it was so central, and you’ll learn you get there quicker by subway then in a car. 

Last but not least, what put the cherry on top would be the staff! Oh my god as soon as we walked in I was greeted by Manny who was the nicest and most helpful ever! First of all, I walked in with 8 bags!!! I wish I was kidding, but I’m not and he was so kind and took all my bags and I can’t forget he would greet me every morning with the biggest smile “Good morning Mrs. Hernandez!” That right there already made my day start off with a head start. Also, any questions we had or requests the staff was super quick to respond. Oh yea, and did I mention the bar downstairs attracted super cool people, and not only tourist they seemed more like locals. There were so many times we were tempted to stay their all night. We even had a few events that were held at the bar, so it was pretty awesome that we were already located at that hotel. Word on the street is Anna Wintour attended one of those events too, but we missed her! We stayed for 4 days, but it felt like we practically lived there, they probably see me walk out with at least 20 different outfits in the course of 4 days. I was def super sad to leave Manny! If you guys stay here, and see him make sure Mrs. Hernandez says HELLO! lol 

Hands down Frederick hotel was the best hotel I could’ve stayed at. When tourist go to NY for their first time they make the mistake of staying near time square, but that is not the spot you want to be at. Wouldn’t you rather stay where theres not too many tourist and you get to learn the city a bit more by traveling like a local on the subway?! I don’t know about you but that’s the way I always roll! I want to send many Thanks to Bri for accommodating us at the Frederick and I will def be staying here the next time I come back! 

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