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So I’ve been in Bali for the past month, and it’s so crazy how fast time goes by when you’re hustling! The last quarter of the year is my busiest time of year with my final buys for Shop Jitana and holidays coming right around the corner it’s a crazy time! I launched my own shop in the beginning of the year, Shop Jitana. I source home decor in Bali from hanging macrames to handmade straw baskets from the island of Borneo. The assortment is fun and eclectic from different parts of Bali and islands in Indonesia! At this point Bali is pretty much my second home, traveling every few months to the island and spending more then a month at a time. It’s a lot different then my LA life from the weather, environment, to my style! That’s why when I’m shopping I like to shop for pieces that are timeless and versatile so I can make good use of them in both places. I must admit my style in LA changes from Bali due to the fact the weather in Bali is always hot and humid.

So recently I was on the hunt for the perfect leather black bag that I could wear during NYFW, LA, and also transition to Bali. I wanted to splurge a bit on a nice bag so my go-to place to shop is one of my favorite online retailers, FARFETCH.  When ever I want to spoil myself I always shop on Farfetch, it’s so easy and they literally carry every high end designer and some Euro designers that are difficult to find in the states. I can spend hours on the site just browsing through all the designers! That being said, I love shopping for Mansur Gavriel on their site because they actually have the line stocked! Unlike some other places, the brand will always be sold out! I’m obsessed with bucket bags, so I already had something in mind and of course I found the cutest mini one from Mansur Gavriel, and they also had different sizes that were actually available.

Shop my Farfetch Mansur Gavriel

Clearly this bag has already been on repeat since I’ve gotten it, and it’s pretty much been one of my go-tos everyday in Bali. I easily transitioned this piece from city street style to Balinese Holiday style. Not to mention, I also attended Wake Up Call Fest out here in Bali and it was the perfect chic touch to my basic jeans and a white tee outfit. Mansur Gavriel is actually one of my favorite handbag designers due to the fact it is so simple and chic. I’m not really into loud designers where everyone is aware what brand a bag is. I’m more into the the minimal simplistic. Also for the people that know their designers just know without having to wear a bag with logos on it lol!

While I was browsing around Farfetch I came across lots of other contenders before I made my final decision. Ladies, you know when shopping for a good bag it takes time and patience before the final cut lol! And like I mentioned I can spend hours on Farfetch! I  attached a few of my other top choices below for you guys to check out :)

Contenders from Farfetch

All in all I found my perfect cutie bucket bag, and it’s already traveled with me to quite a few places from LA to Bali! It’s an easy piece to transition and makes any outfit look so chic whether you’re out on the town and having breakfast in the jungle lol! So happy with my choice, and now looking at all the different colors I may have to invest on another one sooner then later lol! I’m headed back to LA in a few days babes, so see you on the west coast! Let me know which outfit you liked best that I styled with my new baby bucket 😉

Talk soon!


The Jitana


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