Magical. Untouched. Adventurous. These are the three words that come to mind when I think of La Paz, an underrated city just 2 hours north of Cabo San Lucas in Baja California. When I first got invited to go to La Paz I was like “hell yea, I’m so down!” but then when I actually thought about it I was like wait a minute what and where is La Paz. All I knew at the time, was that it was in Baja California, but had no idea I’d be swimming with whale sharks, exploring the cutest little towns, and visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Just an easy two hour direct flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from Los Angeles. We landed around 4pm and hit the road for a two hour drive up north. They have transfers available at the airport or you can schedule a pick up with your hotel. Half way to La Paz we stopped to get some food and let me tell you fam, it’s a must go to! It’s called Loncheria “La Garita”. It’s literally in the middle of the desert with cactus surrounding it, looks like a set out of a movie. We ordered tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and it was all delicious! We made it in time for golden hour and the lighting over the cactus looked amazing! After we finished up we were back on the road for sunset, it looked like a dream!

We got to our hotel where we checked into the Hyatt Place La Paz. This is where I would call home for the next few days!

Day 1

Sea Of Cortez

I knew this trip was going to involve lots of water activities, but I didn’t know the extent of it. Word on the street is that we were going to go swimming with whale sharks which are the largest fish in the sea, so I was mentally preparing for this the night before lol! We left the hotel at 8am and we were off to adventure for the day with Tuna Tuna Tours. The plan for the day was to explore the Sea of Cortez, go snorkling with sea lions, visit Isla Espiritu Santo island which is ranked the most beautiful beach in Mexico, and last go swimming with whale sharks but what had happened was plans got a little mixed up lol!

First stop of the morning was swimming with whale sharks! I was not prepared for this haha! I’m super down for everything normally, but this made me a little nervous! Can you imagine swimming next to 40 foot fish that are the size of a school bus?! I don’t know about you, but sea creatures like that make me nervous lol! When I get nervous I tend to laugh a lot, so best believe I was giggling the whole way to the whale sharks. After we arrived to their home we spotted a few and it was time to dive into the water. I obviously conquered my fear and jumped into the water. Let me tell you fam, this has to be one of the most epic moments in my life! At first it’s pretty scary, but then you see these beautiful creatures just floating so jolly and you realize they’re harmless! You need to respect their homes as you’d like them to respect yours. It was sooooooo amazing you guys, we spent about an hour taking turns diving into the water next to these big fellas.

Next stop was Isla Espiritu Santo Island to snorkel with the sea lions. Did you guys know that sea lions are seals cousins? Well I didn’t lol, for some reason I thought they were the same thing. Sea lions have elbows while seals do not lol. These sea lions have made Isla Espirtu Santo their home, they are safe here from predators. When we arrived there were at least over 100, some were sun bathing while others were playing around in the water. We docked in the middle of the water and put our gear on (snorkels) and jumped out to take a better look at the sea lions! As we got closer to the rocks, we saw soooo many tropical fish in the water from rainbow fish to massive schools of fish. We had a few sea lions swim past us while they played tag with each other. Sea lions are known to be super playful, and it was so awesome seeing them in their element.

Last stop of our boat day was Balandra where we had lunch. Guys, let me start off by saying I was in shock! I’ve never seen water that turquoise in my life! Granted there’s lots of places I haven’t visited yet, but if you’d like a close getaway where you don’t have to take a 24 hour flight LA PAZ is your go to! These waters literally took my breath away! I could stay at this beach all day! When you take this boat tour I highly recommend requesting more time at this beach. I jumped off of the boat and saw little yellow fish swimming in these clear waters, it was nothing like I’ve never seen before and I’ve seen some pretty epic beaches all around the world! After frolicking in the water it was time to head back home! The ride back was about an hour, but it was the most therapeutic ride lol! I was really able to take everything in, and was just thinking how grateful I am for all the opportunities I’ve been given. I was in La Paz with amazing women that were passionate about the same things I was which is travel and exploring. Sometimes you got to take a step back from your crazy life and be thankful for everything you have. I feel like life has been going a bit fast these past few months that it’s important for me to really put everything into perspective and think about how blessed I am for this beautiful life. This day was one for the books, a day I will never forget. Sometimes you guys just have to take adventures like this to get your mind off of things! Tuna Tours really came through and showed us a good time out at sea.

Day 2

Balandra and exploring the town of La Paz

We started super early in the morning to go paddle boarding through the mangroves of Balandra. Mangroves are these water looking type of trees that form habitats which are home to over 100 species. They call it kindergardens for fish lol! We paddle boarded all round the mangroves saw fish, birds, and had lunch on the island. We had ceviche de pescado which I’m not sure if you guys know but it’s my favorite food ever, ceviche de pescado is more of a morning meal for them! I mean I’m totally down to eat it every hour of the day, but I thought it was more of a lunch type of meal! After we were done paddle boarding we hiked up the Balandra mountain. One of the prettiest views in La Paz is overlooking the Balandra Bay. Since we started the day pretty early we were done around noon so we head back to our hotel rooms, took quick showers, and had a late lunch in town.

It was our first day we explored the city of La Paz. We had lunch at Bismark-cito and we had mariscos! So if you know Mexico, you know that any city by the water has the best mariscos! Mariscos is seafood in Spanish! We ordered oysters, fish, octopus, and I can’t forget the michelada! Nothing goes better with mariscos then a michelada, you might’ve thought I was hungover hahah! I totally wasn’t though, I just love micheladas. After lunch we got to tour around the city.

La Paz has many unique things about it, but one very important fact is that a long time ago it was known as the city of Pearls. This town was filled with pearls and the queen of England visited La Paz because she wanted to know where the biggest pearl on her crown came from. That’s right fam, the giant pearl from her crown was from La Paz, crazy right?!

We roamed around admiring the beauty of the town. We even found a rooftop bar at a cute boutique hotel called El Catedral that I highly recommend visiting if you’re in town! It has some of the best views, and it’s right in the middle of town! La Paz has so much to offer and is so underrated! The people, the atmosphere, the culture is so beautiful and you can really feel the energy of the town!

Day 3

La ciudad de Todos Santos

And just like that we were on day 3! We had already done so much felt like I was there for at least a week. If you are the type of traveler that likes to adventure and do lots of activities then La Paz should be next on your list. It’s definitely good for travelers that can only get a few days off. I left on a Friday and flew back on Tuesday, so in total for 5 days 4 nights, and I was able to do soooo much! On the last and final day we headed down south about an hour away from La Paz to Todos Santos. We took surfing lessons and it was perfect for first timers. The waves were super mellow and the surf instructors really helped you out one on one. I’ve surfed before so it was good practice! After our surf lessons we went to go have lunch at one of my favorite spots of the trips! The restaurant was called El Mirador which means the viewpoint in Spanish. It was a 360 view of Todos Santos, it was so breathtaking.

After lunch, we headed over to our last stop of the trip to the town of Todos Santos. This town was full of color. Do you know what happens when you leave a group of bloggers to roam around a colorful city on their own lol?! We literally took pictures of every single corner in this town. It was a tiny pueblo so you could walk around everywhere. I was thinking how romantic it would have been if Jesse was with me, it’s the type of place you’d like roam around with your lover. I’m all about mellow cities, yes of course I like to party, but I think I prefer small romantic cities like this one. After a few hours of walking around we head back to La Paz.

We managed to do so much in just three full days! I def recommend La Paz to an adventurer! There’s soooo much to do, and so many places to see. This town offers everything from beautiful beaches, colorful towns, to an amazing dining experience. Such a cute town that is untouched, and is low on the radar. If you’re getting that itch of wanting to getaway for a quick second La Paz is waiting for you!

I linked a few of my outfits from my trip below because you guys know I love to dress up for different kinds of occasions. Its always important to have the right fits for your quick getaways :)


Till the next trip!


The Jitana


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